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spinach obsession

I’ve started eating egg whites for most every breakfast. Usually I mix them with spinach and at times, other random veggies. It’s my favorite things currently. I had been in a cereal and oatmeal rut and since I’m trying to change things up and watch my sugar and carbs…egg whites it is. The spinach started out as… Continue reading spinach obsession

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a salad and a bowl of yogurt walk into a bar

Yeah. That’s all I’ve got. There is no punch line. I just couldn’t think of a post title. Yesterday evening I hit the ellipitcal and treadmill hard and I ended up having to ice my tailbone because it was giving me trouble after. Hmph. For dinner last night I roasted baby bella mushrooms, asparagus, sweet… Continue reading a salad and a bowl of yogurt walk into a bar

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Breakfast, geneology, and disney on ice

I “made” a smoothie at home this morning but I wasn’t happy with it. I’d been wanting one for days and couldn’t stop thinking about it. When I made it to the office I convinced a coworker to go to a local deli with me. It smelled so good when we walked in that I… Continue reading Breakfast, geneology, and disney on ice