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New start

It’s me again, Margaret.

I decided to start with a new domain name; one that is perhaps easier to remember and more all encompassing for everything I may plan to do in the future. Right now it’s pretty basic around here but I have my eye on a custom logo for the header as well as a watermark for photos. I’d love to get back into writing book reviews again, so that may come as well. I’m considering discussing what I’m writing, which will be mostly fanfiction of the Twilight variety. I have a couple of stories to finish as well as a new one I am itching to start working on.

An aside regarding the domain name, I really wanted to use a .net or .com but neither was available, unless I wanted to pay $$$$ and let’s face it, nobody wants to do that. So here we are, a .us, which is going to bug the daylights out of me!!!

You can find me on twitter, instagram and snapchat (mandylulou) as well.

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